Spire Conference
Eastside Church, located in Anaheim, CA, needed a designer and animator to produce an overall design for an entire conference, which was called Spire Conference. The 3 day conference introduced numerous religious speakers and events within the conference. My role was to develop an overall look for the conference that relays to the Spire look and reflects the of Eastside Cabilities hurch.
Beginning Steps: Mood Board
The beginning steps of this large job included creating mood boards that were "Millennial" oriented. The client chose Look #1 but asked for lighter tones of blue as well.
The Spire conference included talks being given by numerous speakers. In order to properly introduce the speakers and give them time to walk on stage, they needed a video bumper that played during their entrance. The speaker bumper needed to match the overall look of the entire conference. The animated logo appearing on screen is followed by animated word forms that relate to the conference. Images of the speaker as well as videos of speeches follow the animated phrases. The client required 20 speaker bumpers for the conference and each one was edited together and color corrected on Adobe After Effects. 
Name Plates
Each speaker at the Spire conference needed a nameplate that could be used by producers when needed. A simple background and lower third design were needed for these nameplates. A static texture was applied for a background and an added logo with a nameplate with colors matching the overall conference were all just the nameplates the client was looking for. The plates and lower third designs were formulated between Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
Walk-In Animations
As the audience entered the conference, it was stated by the client that they needed to be greeted by a walk in look that fits the overall mood of the conference. The repeating videos need to portray the design elements that will be displayed throughout the conference. The floating logo and adventurous videos were edited together in Adobe After Effects. The videos and animated logo design all played perfectly to the millennial, adventurous spirit of the conference.
Digital Design
Vehicle Website Tiles
Email Blasts​​​​​​​
Sales events
I was trusted to handle full sales events that required multiple forms of artwork including print ads, email blasts, digital tiles, and website tiles. I was also responsible for ensuring all assets comply with brand standards and worked with Penske Legal to ensure they are legal and compliant.
Penske Auto Motive Group
e-sale Event
Email Blast
Dealership Website Homepage Tiles
Social Media Tile
Print Materials
Cars And Coffee Penske Automotive Group Arizona
Each item was designed and delivered by me. Each item went through several review processes and had minimal changes.
Mailing Label
Cars And Coffee Digital assets
Email Blast​​​​​​​
Digital Magazine
Dealership Homepage tiles
Social Media tiles 1080x1080
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