Motion Graphics
Advanced Media Lab Intro
Vehicle Commercials
All footage are copyright to their respective companies and I did not shoot any live videos, but I did contribute all editing and motion design.
Music Videos
** Warning - Explicit **
“Unruly” is a song that proves MAC Records’ satisfaction of the original music video. “Unruly” was a larger challenge since its exciting beats and hyped-up lyrics require a more exaggerated tone which, in turn, required for more editing and directing. Shot in 3 times as many locations as “Right Back” and with one more extra rapper, this song is a response to the “flex” culture in the common community. The challenge of this video was not only to produce an exciting tone, but to portray an undertone of masculinity that is sensitive to the community. Fast beats required more exciting transitions and far more effects. With the same amount of responsibility, the video turned out to be a success, topping out views of “Right Back” by 100. “Unruly” Ft. GTB Turq, CP Slim, & Hybrid Hound, directed, edited, and produced by Dante Corum.
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