Welcome to Gone Skating - the non-profit organization that's revolutionizing after-school programs. We're not just providing trips from school to skateparks and back home, we're giving students a safe and exciting opportunity to explore the world of skateboarding. With professional instructors, students get to develop their skills while also discovering the value of perseverance and teamwork. But that's not all - we also donate skateboards to those who can't afford them, giving every young person the chance to experience the thrill of skating.
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At dantype design co., we were thrilled to work with Gone Skating to create a brand identity that embodies their supportive and caring nature. We wanted to make sure that the branding was relatable to young adults while also being strong, cohesive, and fitting into a school program. Our design features a square edge and soft color palette to evoke trust and professionalism, while the angled script font adds a touch of fun and support. Join us in empowering the next generation of skaters with Gone Skating!
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